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Google Meet FAQs

Google Meet FAQs

Google Meet is the official live meeting platform that RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS teachers use when hosting synchronous meetings with students. To provide teachers maximum flexibility for teachers hosting Google Meets, RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS recently updated the permissions for Google Meet for our users. These changes ensure that:

Students cannot enter Google Meets before a teacher is present

Teachers always can act as the Host in a Google Meet

Students cannot rejoin a Google Meet once the teacher has left.

The following FAQs provide additional information for parents about the use of Google Meet for synchronous interactions between teachers and students.

Will Google Meets be recorded?

Teachers may record all synchronous interactions with students. When a teacher records a Google Meet, the recording is saved in the teacher’s classroom Google Drive. The teacher will be able to provide a link to students that they can use to view the recording. Teachers record Meetings to ensure students who are not able to participate live have access to the content and to provide an accurate record of the events of the meeting.

Does RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS require parental consent before a student can be recorded?

Yes, Roncalli Catholic Schools requires parental consent to record meetings with students present. Your child’s school should provide an electronic permission form that can be used to provide consent. If you do not consent to your child being recorded, you can:

  • Ensure that your child leave the synchronous meeting, or

  • Ensure that your child keeps their video camera off during synchronous meetings

How long will recordings be retained?

Teachers are required to keep recordings of synchronous sessions with students for a minimum of seven days. Teachers may choose to keep recordings longer but will be asked to delete all recordings at the end of the school year.

How will recordings be shared?

Recordings will be shared with students via Google Classroom or the teacher’s primary communication platform.

Will recordings be shared with the media or otherwise shared outside of RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS?

No. Teachers will only share recordings with only students that belong specifically to the classroom of which the meeting took place. Videos will be shared in such a way that the viewer must login with a RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS account before accessing the video.

Will teachers meet one-on-one with students via Google Meet?

In general, teachers will meet with groups of students or whole classes of students through Google Meet. If a one-on-one meeting is needed, the teacher will request that a parent or guardian also be present during the meeting.

Can a student create their own Google Meet?

Students cannot create a Google Meet session in the Roncalli Catholic Schools G Suite domain.

Students can only join Google Meet sessions created and shared by teachers.

Can a student join a Meet without a teacher present?

A teacher must first join the Meet before a student can join.

Can Meet be used to communicate with people outside of RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS?

Teachers can invite external users like a guest speaker to a Google Meet. The teacher must admit this external user before they can join the Google Meet session. If students share the URL of a Google Meet with an external user, the external user cannot join the Google Meet session unless admitted by the teacher. Students do not have the ability to admit external users to RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS Google Meets.

My child is having trouble accessing a Google Meet. What can I do to help?

Because of the security settings currently in place, only RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS users can join Meets created by RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS teachers. This means that your child needs to sign in to Google Meet with their RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS account before joining the Meeting. For students with Chromebooks provided by RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS, the easiest way to participate in a Meet is on their RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS Chromebook. This ensures that the student will be signed in with the correct G Suite account before attempting to join the Meet. If joining a Meet on a personal device, make sure any personal Google or Gmail accounts are signed out, then login to Meet with the student’s RONCALLI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS Google account.

What's New? (High School Students only)

Single Sign On

In order to reduce the number of credentials (usernames & passwords) that students must remember to access different portals and/or resources, we have implemented Single Sign On (SSO) which is a process of using a single credential (username & password) to access multiple portals and/or resources.

What is my SSO username?

Your Single Sign On username is the first part of your email address. Example: If your email address is, your SSO username is the first part of your email address; joseph.smith

You will be using that username to access the following:

  1. Students WiFi (RHS Students)

  2. Sign in to your Roncalli email account

  3. Sign in for students utilizing in building computers and or assigned students' Chromebooks

What is my SSO password?

Students are provided with a default password that must be changed to a new one when they first connected to the students WiFi.

The new password must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 7 character long

  • 1 lower & upper case letter

  • A special character

What happens once I changed my default password?

Once you change your initial password to a new one, it will automatically synchronize to your other accounts and then becomes your email address, in building computers' sign in or Chromebook login (if you have a Roncalli Chromebook), and the student WiFi password.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you must request a password reset. When you request for a password reset, your password will be reset to the default one. Remember that once your password has been reset, you must connect to the student's WiFi to set your own password.

Resetting your password will not only reset your WiFi's password, but also your email and computer login password. Remember to use the same password for all three.

IMPORTANT - The following must be completed (High School Students only)

Sign the Technology Policies

Both students and parents must read, acknowledge and sign electronically the Technology Policy and the Chromebook Use Policy (if the student will be using a Roncalli Catholic Schools Chromebook) or the BYOD Use Policy (High School Students). The policies can be found by clicking the Policies tab on the menu.

Connect to the student's WiFi (High School students only)

All students must connect to the student's WiFi the very first time in the building.

Follow the steps below to connect to the student's WiFi:

  1. Make sure you are in range (You will not be able to connect if not in range).

  2. Go to your device WiFi settings.

  3. Click on "RHS Students" from the WiFi list then click "Connect".

  4. Type your Roncalli High School's email username. Example: joseph.smith

  5. Type your provided initial password then click connect.

  6. Change your default password. The password you are setting must be at least 8 character long, includes lower & uppercase letters and a special character.

IMPORTANT: Once you change the default password, the new one that you setup will automatically synchronize to your other accounts and then becomes your email address, in building computers log in or Chromebook login (if you have a Roncalli Chromebook), and the student WiFi password.

Remember, resetting your password will not only reset your WiFi's password but also your email and computer login password. Remember to use the same password for all three.

Students' Email Address

We have adopted a new email address format for both our faculty/staff and students.

Faculty/Staff email addresses are made of their First Names and Last Names connected with a dot, following with the Ex:

Students email addresses are also made of their First Names and Last Names connected with a dot, but follows with the Ex:

To sign into your email account go to

If you have any questions or issues with your email, please contact the technology support.



Roncalli Catholic Schools has made available a number of Chromebook to students.

You must request to use a Roncalli Catholic School's Chromebook in order to be assigned one. Both the student and parent/guardian must read and sign both the technology and Chromebook policies.

Please read both the Technology Policy and the Chromebook Use Policy before signing the Chromebook Agreement. Students will not be assigned Chromebooks unless both the student and parent/guardian have read, acknowledged and signed both policies.

Bring Your Own Device (Applies to high school students only)

Students can bring their own device to school. Before a student is allowed to bring his or her own device, both the technology and the BYOD policies must be read and the waiver must be signed by both the student and parents or legal guardians.

Note: Roncalli High School is not responsible broken, stolen or damaged BYOD.